Do not always wash Fashui

Just watch TV, many people will think that hair care is a very simple matter, because the ads as long as the shampoo or conditioner to the head touch, everything will be fine. Wrong, in order to have a full head of hair, you have to know exactly where hair care to note. 1. Do not pour shampoo directly to the hair, soap too many things can damage the hair roots. If no foaming shampoo hair may be wet enough, you should then dip some water rather than add more shampoo. 2. twice shampoo. The first shampoo can remove grease and when do hair accessories, second shampoo can make hair fluffy. 3. Do not Qinhuan shampoo, unless your hair has changed. 4. shampoo with warm water. The effectiveness of shampoo at best lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, it will make your hair dry and itchy scalp. 5. To do this use hair conditioner: hair dry with a towel on the water, or at least put on the hair remaining water squeezed out. Otherwise, the conditioner can not be effectively absorbed. 6. conditioner should be applied to the hair, middle or hair, rather than desperately applied close to the scalp hair root. 7. comb to comb wet hair during shampooing with, so prone to broken hair. 8. In order to increase the roots of the hair supporting force, can use a hard brush hair with rubber contacts. 9. If you find that a lot of dandruff, this may be the time to do hair residue, clean shampoo once a week, and you can test your hair dry after supplies are not there to residual impurities — It is sprayed onto the mirror, and so it slowly dries know.

Daily shampoo will wash the hair?

A: No! Hair follicles grow in deep, its roots deep in the skin, the dermis, is not even a little harder to pull off, not to mention a shampoo. Surface of the hair, is a layer of scaly hair cuticle, stacked layers fall forward slightly toward the direction of hair growth, and the follicle wall surface epithelial cells also have fine tile-like projections, but the direction is toward the depths of the hair follicles, and hair small leather snap together, such a structure to ensure the long hair in the hair follicle firmly. When there is inflammation of hair follicles, the first will gradually destroy the hair follicle tissue wall surface, while the roots of the hair at the hair matrix cell binding layer also damaged due to inflammation infringement hair was falling from the hair follicles, simple hair, even if suffering from de-onset not naturally shed hair will not be washed off, so we can be assured shampoo every day. One thing to note is that in the surface layer of the hair and scalp sebum film, slightly acidic, with a natural antibacterial defenses, if the choice of alkaline shampoo shampoo every day, and will be due to the acid-base principles and will pizhimo thoroughly wash, dry lack of moisture will cause injuries, and left to chance for bacterial growth, will feel itchy scalp, over time, easily lead to hair loss. Daily shampoo is completely healthy habits and proper hygiene habits of civilization, but be sure to choose a suitable weak acid shampoo products, which is why we put a lot of effort to develop traditional Chinese medicine concentrated weak acid shampoo extract the truth.

Shampoo wiping point sesame oil

When the protective film off the tips of the hair, the hair will be easy to produce bifurcation, but once the protective film is shedding hair, it is impossible to repair, so forked hair may develop dry fragile hair, creating a vicious cycle hair like autumn leaves as easily. India Hair experts Nadym ยท Amoud reminder, split ends more common in long hair, if improper care, short hair will appear bifurcation, but as long as meticulous care in their daily lives, the problem of split ends is completely be solved. When hair slightly divergent, to let the hair absorb adequate nutrients, can be slightly wet hair, smeared nourishing sesame oil, then wrapped in hot towels cover about 20 minutes to eat a hair “nutritional meal” Then follow the general procedures shampoo hair clean, so once a week for several times after rough hair becomes supple. Sesame oil contains large amounts of vitamin E, helps blood circulation in the scalp, head and launched a moisturizing effect. Sesame oil also contains linolenic acid, vitamin E and other exist, to prevent linolenic acid is easily oxidized and linolenic acid can soften blood vessels, making blood flow more smoothly, accelerate the speed of the scalp absorb nutrients. Also note that, to avoid improper use of shampoo. In general, dry hair, it is best to use shampoo containing amino acids and other ingredients, its rich moisturizing ingredients can penetrate deep roots; if hair has begun to brown, the best hair care cream containing products, effectively preventing Hair color dark yellow; hair fragile and easily broken, use deep repair products, to improve damaged hair and prevent split ends. To avoid split ends, preferably 40 days or so hair cut once, cut off one inch from the bifurcation point up the best results. If the conditions can be depth weekly hair care, regular baking oil, or taking medication care or ceramic hot. Before any drug treatments, do not comb the hair or scratching their heads, do not use shampoo to wash your hair. Although Qin hair help health, but if the hair has split ends, we should avoid too often to hair, as this will make the hair more fragile loss after exercise must use shampoo to wash your hair, avoid salt in sweat Corrosion hair.

Correct shampoo hair from the beginning! Scalp healthy first step.

Wash your hair every day, how is it greasy? Shampoo the wrong way, and then repeatedly wash is futile! If the cleaning method is not correct, even the best product will not save your giant head! The right way with the appropriate shampoo hair products, to let you have a light and elegant hair Oh! Key Denied “oil head”, that hair follicle to thoroughly clean! Vigorous scalp oil, hair flat riding attached to the scalp, not the spirit not only look greasy, sebum blocked hair follicles live, it is one of the culprits causing excessive dandruff. Avoid greasy hair flat tread method, in addition to the usual little hat, styling products do not put on the outside of the hair root, the hair follicles thoroughly clean is the most important key! But most people have a lot of blind spots shampoo procedures need to be corrected, up to examine your hair under way is not correct it! Right shampoo steps: Test scalp feel most comfortable with the water temperature of the scalp skin temperature, about 40 degrees is the proper temperature, but they still feel everyone’s “most comfortable” temperature prevail. Step 1: each hair must be wet hair from root to end, thoroughly wet your hair, do not wet in some places, some places dry. No wet will cause residual wash clean. Step 2: Essentials shampoo scattered points around the hair shampoo once pressed amount, respectively, points in five hair before, during and after, etc., to avoid shampoo concentrate somewhere easy evenly. Focus: shampoo with about one yuan coin size wash the hair, only shampoo dosage 1 dollar coin size. The amount of short hair can be a little less, a little more hair, slightly adjusted according to the length of hair. [NextPage] Step 3: Using the palm of the scalp bubble is first necessary to clean the scalp, rub the scalp with the whole palm of your hand (instead of a fingertip) in order to Cuochu-soft foam in the scalp. NG: first in the hands of the bubble is not necessary! Waste shampoo! Shampoo directly to the hair, then rub the bubble can be. Hands blistering action is superfluous, also waste shampoo oh. Focus: nails will scratch the scalp, strengthen hair completely bubble massage after detail, then pulp strengthen the position of the massage detail with the pulp. Nails will scratch the scalp, be sure to use the pulp! Step 4: clean out the grease! The dirty foam with a comb to comb hair tail would like to strengthen a thorough cleaning, you can use a comb to comb the foam from the hair root down to the tail, so that the dirt on the hair easier to remove. Step 5: Clean water will finger aid in shampoo your hair with your fingers along the inside of the hair should be carefully washed clean, if the previous steps correctly, the foam will be washed away very smooth.

Care trick – Shampoo

Has a black, beautiful and straight and long, really enviable, although now the streets people are hot dye, in fact, has an enviable black hair is worth a good protection. Moreover, black hair can use shampoo to maintenance. Has black hair basic maintenance procedures are very simple, as long as you comply with the following shown maintenance steps, you can slowly adjust back hair condition yo! A correct combing her hair before each preferably take the time to comb the hair first, then untie the knot part, the motivation is to comb the dirt and hair on the scalp of dirt, use comb to comb fall. Second, the right shampoo and conditioner from the hair shampoo can give injured nutrients, so the hair from the inside out rejuvenated. Therefore, the health of the hair to see if you use the number and types of hair. Basically it is to wash the hair and then hair care. So, I want to have a beautiful black hair conditioner should pay attention to the methods and frequency. Her hair time to pay attention, we must take care of the scalp, hair roots, because these two places related to the health of your hair yo! Through finger pressing the scalp, it can increase scalp health, blood circulation, of course, you can increase the health of hair. Then the tail must be carefully cleaned, to make the hair tail to absorb nutrients. Third, after washing the hair care after washing first wet hair with a towel to dry, then pay attention to that. Do not pick up immediately on the hair dryer blowing the whole hair. Must use a towel with light pressure squeezed the water, you can use a hair dryer to dry. IV Notes due blowing the whole casually use a hair dryer blowing the whole, but will make the hair more messy, so the best first before blowing the whole hair comb to open, so as to avoid knotted hair, so hair blowing the whole process among the injured. When blowing the whole time as short as possible, and the distance between a hair dryer best take away, because, hair dryer is one of the reasons harm hair. Fifth, for serious hair care because if you perm and hair casually cause serious damage to the hair, then you cast to prevent the split at the surface of the hair, or be able to add water, oil conditioning agents used strengthen the hair’s health.

Paul pretty particular about hair shampoo products

Your hair shiny dough it? It is often because no election of shampoo, scalp care to have overlooked the hair, lead to the formation of dandruff? In fact, as long as the right medicine to select shampoo, shine your hair will not talk to you passing. The key to solving the problem is to correctly grasp hair hair characteristics, to solve the problem is to clean the scalp oil, and therefore should be able to clean the choice of shampoo “scalp” of products, rather than clean “hair”, and this is currently many consumers choose when falsehood shampoo. What shampoo should be how to choose it? Dirty hair causes include residual dust and modeling agent, the other is the scalp sebum and perspiration, it is recommended to choose clean power is moderate, with a fine foam and bland shampoo. If you use too strong cleaning shampoo makes hair excessive fat content must fall, so the hair will be too dry or easy to generate dandruff. This is often heard people say that hair loss shampoo will easily make the hair becomes dry and dandruff causes. Because the friction between the hair and the hair to make the hair cuticle surface damage, when the cuticle damage can not maintain the necessary moisture, in order to avoid this problem, it can slow down detailed foam friction between the hair, to cushion function. The final step is irritating the scalp is closely aligned between the cells and then covered with a layer of sebum film, if used improperly shampoo, can easily cause rupture sebum film, so that the chemical composition of shampoo invade the body, causing harm to health . If your scalp is susceptible to oil, oily hair should use shampoo, but if the hair belongs and soft hair, then rinse is not suitable for oily hair, and to choose the suitable and soft hair rinse fine, this selection method will allow the scalp to clean, but also take into account the hair supple.

Refreshing hair wash out

Over 30 years of age, although the hair does not produce those wrinkles as the skin as worried, it can not mean that they do not age. Luster away little by little, the texture is also getting worse, firing oily substance from the original becomes dry. How to do? Care to add Diner! Starting from shampoo. Whole-hearted experience her hair Step 1: straighten black hair thousand Dip: a comb + a hairbrush mystery revealed: Before every shampoo, scalp massage first with comb, so not only can accelerate blood circulation around the scalp to promote hair growth, but also allows the attachment of dandruff on the scalp emerge, so the dirt inside the pores easier to clean. Hairbrush and then gently comb the hair smooth, in order to reduce the amount of shampoo, eliminating the need for washing dirty due to bring troubles. Step 2: close contact with water and hair Dip: Water temperature 36 to 38 degrees Celsius mystery revealed: hair can feel the temperature of the hot water temperature will make the hair damaged, brittle break easily understood, because the main protein component of hair is not heat-resistant; and the ability of the water temperature is too cold will remove dirt greatly reduced. The most ideal way: with a suitable warm water after shampooing, with slightly cooler water finally washed look, so you can make the scalp tissue tightening, which is to prevent the scalp relaxation, reduce facial wrinkles, prevent hair loss trick. Step 3: Dip distinction scalp hair: Clean shampoo (or shampoo) + moisturizing shampoo (or repair shampoo) mystery revealed: wash skin and her hair is by no means the same thing! Every shampoo to wash the skin mainly to supplement her hair. Wash skin when used after cleansing or anti-dandruff shampoo, washed with the same finger pulp gently massage the scalp as clean. Then use a small amount of moisture or repair shampoo, also in the later part of the hair of diluted cleaning. Conditioner and shampoo to use is the same, to fight dandruff conditioner to use close to the scalp, hair conditioner and moisturizing effect is not applied on the scalp. Step 4: care separately – The Old New Thing mention Dip: shampoo and conditioner that matches the mystery revealed: wash, head protection products on the cortex with highly targeted care. Shampoo products effective substance is a surfactant, can make hair epidermis is opened by the appropriate role of the foam and pulp massage, hair deep in the dirt clean. The conditioner generally contain acidic positive ion surfactant, it will attach to the hair of the epidermis, so the hair scales tightening the cuticle closed, forming a protective film. Particularly those containing oxalic conditioner, hair dye and perm after use, will terminate oxidation due to perm, hair color and produce, so wash and care are two completely different programs. Combo shampoo conditioner because both features, added a lot of phosphorus component silicon, silicon phosphorus, although it will cause slippery feeling hair look, but did not thoroughly wash stubborn dirt and metal materials, long-term use, hair cuticle surface covered with silicon but will be severely phosphorus, hair qualitative difference. More importantly, the use of combo products is to let the hair cuticle while simultaneously open and closed, from a scientific point of view in fact is contradictory, making it impossible to thoroughly clean the hair, at best, only the surface of the hair clean and care , but the hair is not possible for deep cleaning and care.

Shampoo every day, it will wash the bad hair?

With the continuous improvement of the socio-economic and cultural level, people are more concerned about their personal health and self-image than ever before. “Brush your teeth every day”, “every day, the ice bath” is becoming more and more of a lifestyle, but only for “shampoo every day,” many people still think that does not seem necessary. The latest survey results show that the developed countries in Europe and America, shampoo average frequency of 6.4 times per week, five times a week in Japan, China’s Hong Kong is seven times a week, in mainland China shampoo frequency per Only a week 2 to 2.5 times. This is in addition to some reason other than objective conditions, mainly due to the old traditional ideas and prejudices influence by the lack of scientific basis. Although in recent years China Health Education Association is actively carried out “clean hair every day, to grasp instant success” campaign, advising people to wash 4-7 times a week to develop health habits. Moreover, a large number of scientific studies have proven that daily shampooing to maintain clean and healthy hair, make hair supple and beautiful. But the need for daily shampooing, in the general population there are still a lot of misconceptions. Misunderstanding one: every shampoo hair will become dry brown hair every day there are concerns that oil will wash the hair, so the hair becomes dry, brown, disheveled, but most medical experts believe that such concerns could have You do not have to. Because the normal per square centimeter of scalp tissue about the distribution of 144-192 sebaceous glands, these sebaceous glands are continually secrete oil a day. So, if it is normal hair wash, not only will not damage the hair, but also to stimulate the normal secretion of the sebaceous glands, maintain and regulate the balance of sebum, making the hair shiny and elastic. On the contrary, the presence of excess sebum is very likely to cause the accumulation of dirt and dandruff, clogging hair follicles and sebaceous glands, affecting the normal secretion of sebum, hair roots hinder nutrient absorption, so the hair becomes brown and dried, severe cases can cause hair loss; dirty messy hair is very likely to become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, causing inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Especially in the summer or oily hair people, because the skin is very strong oil secretion, hair greasy sticky, if the residual oil on the hair for too long, and the lack of timely cleaning, are exposed to dust, dirt, resulting in hair quality uneven surface, so that the hair lost its luster, and increased friction hair asked, could easily lead to damaged hair, split ends or hair breakage when combed. Thus every shampoo to remove dust, dirt and grease on the hair, effectively reduce the chance of hair breakage, split ends. Myth two: make dandruff shampoo every day, afraid someone will make the dandruff shampoo every day. In fact the human eyes see dandruff, scalp exfoliating process of normal metabolism, it all the time as the skin metabolism were constantly shedding. Under normal circumstances the body or skin dysfunction, dandruff can be significantly increased. Dry skin, dandruff lack of moisture generated by the color white and dry. Medical studies suggest that an increase in dandruff causes more complex, there may be from hair spray, shampoo and other residual substances, or seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infection clinical manifestations, the body lacks B vitamins, stress, with the brain too much can lead to an increase in dandruff and dander increase and there is no necessary link between the shampoo. [NextPage] Myth three: daily shampoo can cause hair loss shampoo it every day As for the causes of hair loss, but there is no scientific basis. Because the hair roots grow deep in the skin dermal tissue, and normal hair shampoo just cleaning the surface, impossible to damage to the deep roots organizations, and hair loss per day if only 50-100 roots, which belongs to the hair’s natural off. Even the process of hair loss shampoo, shampoo products but also because most of improper use, or cleaning technique due to too rude, has nothing to do with the frequency of shampoo and shampoo itself. Has an elegant beautiful hair, you first need to have fresh and clean hair as a basis, and then to sort out stylish hairstyle, so no matter from a medical and aesthetic point of view, clean hair is hair care in the most basic and critical step. Regular shampoo, promptly remove the dirt surface of the hair to remove germs medium, can significantly reduce dandruff and increase hair smoothness and ease of combing. So not only does not make regular dandruff shampoo, dry hair, yellow, fall off, but you can make the hair more shiny and elastic.

International standard shampoo procedures

Shampoo everyone, but in the end on the right way to wash your hair? This is a great knowledge of Oh! A first step before shampooing hair, the dirt and scales (dead cells) on the scalp to loosen. Step two wet hair until the hair and the upper layer, like hair soaked up, and the shampoo into the palm of your hand, diluted with water, foaming. Do not pour shampoo directly on the hair, so that over-stimulate the scalp, dandruff. Step three pulp evenly rub the hair dry shampoo (hair) years, with a gently massage until a thick layer of foam up. Step four rinse hair until thoroughly washed clean. Then once again a teaspoon of shampoo with water bubble gently rub the scalp, this time to clean the hair root, and then flush them away. Step Five Rinse the wipe from the scalp to the tail, gently massage, then thoroughly wash away. Step Six hair because most vulnerable when wet, so if rub dry, make hair break or tie, so after washing the hair, it is best to dry with a towel wrapped with a wide-tooth comb all the hair combed forward, with a hair dryer, blown from the hair root to the tail, it is less likely to burn. However, when blowing hair, hair dryer outlet to 15 cm away from the hair, otherwise the hair is excessively dry.

Multiplier dry hair replenishment Raiders

Dry hair will make you annoyed. Working day, I found loose hair becomes disheveled, split ends, and growing up. How to have a hair sparkling water? Day care of your hair 1. To choose shampoo with moisturizing oils such as efficient water-based oil, so that moisture until hair core. 2. get up early in the morning and before going to sleep at night, is a great opportunity, moisturizing hair conditioner, allowing the water to fully penetrate and effectively solve the problem of dry hair. 3. When they go out on a business trip or tourism can not forget the importance of hair care, not just poor selection of shampoo, so as not to damage the hair. Right shampoo to pay the proper steps to make hair care shampoo less, Come see what the correct shampoo method it! 1. Shimizu shampoo, shampoo down to the palm of the hand, rub after frothing, then rub into the hair. 2. gesture: hands inserted into the hair with your fingers to rub the scalp and hair roots abdomen. Wrap your fingers around the hair shaft to the tail, gently rub, rub, and all is finished, the foam wash with warm water. 3. After washing hair may be a small amount of shampoo left in the top, so be sure to use hair conditioner, shampoo effectively clean residual, but also can play a very good hair moisturizing effect. 4. Wash the hair dry towel, try to avoid using a hair dryer, let hair dry naturally to better protect the hair.